Thursday, November 25, 2010


I once hate walking alone in the street,
I once hate shopping alone in the mall,
I once hate going somewhere by myself,
I once hate doing something that I have to do all by myself,
I once hate having lunch outside with no companion.

But now,
I enjoy the time I spend for myself,
I enjoy the feeling of doing all these things by myself w.out anyone,
I enjoy the joy of shopping alone in the mall,
I enjoy the weather and feeling surrounding me when I walk in the street alone,
I enjoy the quietness when I am going somewhere else by any transports.

I realised that,
sometimes, alone is not a bad thing after all,
it's just a little space to give yourself a break, a little of "freedom" that you needs in your day.

Love, xoxo.


lilyiing said...

I have too much freedom, i need 'someone' to enjoy my freedom with. =)

Lavonneyy said...

hehe..who will be the lucky ones? =)

lilyiing said...

hehe.. duno yet & no one yet