Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out from under

currently listen repeatly to
britney spears
"out from under"
*lov it*

Had dinner with Iona, Kelvin & Adam @ WASAI
Foods there are delicioussss...
too bad that i didn't get chance to take any photos~

oh welll...soon or later...
ab is back..
ruik is back..
Uni startsssssssss !!

Let's have fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's ❤'s day !

It's "V" day!!!

Among 21 years,
i've never really spend this day with someone that i lov before..

This year, my love one was far apart from me =(
too bad, we need to wait another year for a real celebration.
Let's wait!

Had dinner with Kelvin & Jason for Jason's bd celebration.
*i used to thk how good if someone's bd on 14th february*
so u can buy one present for two =p

steff & me

Valentine Present that i bot for ruik @ s'pore

Thomas Sabo Aircraft Charm
A handphone carrier

*I heart you*
Happy Valentine!


Friday, February 6, 2009

a brand new year, a brand new beginning, a brand new hopeeee

Hello hello hello...
a brand new beginning,
a brand new hopee,
and more stories to comeee (=

It's been a while i've leave silent to my blogggg
*oOOpssieee* >.^

Back home for a month..
i nvr thk of a month is really short..
well, for a trip back i thk.. =p
I had heaps of fun back home *of courseee*

"Home is always where the heart is"

with my beloved sisters
ab & rachel

Trip to Kuala Lumpur with granny and ab.
All we did is awesome shopping spreeeeee.
*Lov it!*

As you can tell,
my granny still haven't get ready for the camera xp

ab, who always let me to have the window seat
Lov u!

My gparent's company 25th annual dinner

me & ab

jonathan (my fatty bro), ab, my lovely mami, me, yue yue ( my lil cousin) and rachel ( my youngest sister)

Had a dinner wf my love ones @ atmosphere

I had a great nite (=
Thanks ruikkkkkk!

Meet up with 6 bao and some old classmates @ upperstar, damai

The first day of CNY,
also the day im leavin to s'pore

Had some photo session with some of my cousin and g'parents
Ab, fui shen yiyi, me and yue yue
Debbie and meeee

Dearest cousins and siblings again @ salim, lintas

with my daddy in the middle..
@ new KKIA

funny faces wf daddy and my love ones!
i miss them heaps
and heaps.. =(

Trip to s'pore wf my mami, it was amazing.
Shop lots ^^

Had this cute coconut ice cream @ Chatterbox, Mandarin Hotel.

Back to ADL,
got myself SAMSUNG OMNIA the next day
Captured by my new mobile phoneee (=

Guess im gonna stop here..
catch ya soon !!