Saturday, October 18, 2008



day havent gone that bad..
i managed to study some pages after so many days for being slacker~~

and i bot something when i walked home with ab after ours groceries shopping!!

new heels~~

heart this heels so much!! (=

and tonite sheauyiing bring her "chocholate fondue"..
so cute yet interesting..
i miss the haagen-dazs one which i had in KL

we watched "Armageddon " after that..
i know its an old movie but who knows it is so touching!
highly recommended you people if you havent get a chance to watch this~~

"I don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith
Armageddon soundtrack

Friday, October 17, 2008

slack T.T

exam in 3 weeks time..
but i havent started any of my revision yet..
which is not good!!!!
i've been trying..but still...
hope tomorrow will turn better...