Thursday, August 12, 2010


There is a day, i have a very big fight with you.
I got really really mad and have no intention to forgive you at all.
Due to what happen that drive me so mad, I really can't remember.

You follow me all the way while I get into my mom's car.
You called, I refused to pick it up.
You came to my house, I locked the door and don't let you in.
You called your best friend for help, but I ignored your friend.

When it's nearly come to the end which I am thinking of,
the ring tone of my mobile had frighten me.

You called...

and said: "Dear, I am awake. Good Morning."

then i realised, i'm actually in a dream.
I thought our relationship almost till the end of the story but you help me conclude the story eventually.
( that we're still in love:) *blush* )

Sometimes, a good morning or a good night kiss just can be so important in your daily life.
Because these are able to show actually you're loved by someone else.
But can we all have mention these?
I guess not...

xoxo, my love!

Friday, August 6, 2010

marc by marc jacobs tote

yay! love this! (:
and i got it!
she is in silver with wording on it,
it not really clear compare with other color.

me of the day (:
random picture of the day, my hello kitty warm blanket~

have a nice weekend people!
love you~