Saturday, May 23, 2009

new fave? new toy!

Im not a big fan of leopard print since its bcome a trend few years ago~
I remember my first thought was...
"yiii...its looks weird to put it on your body !"

But now look at these stuffs with leapord prints...
its not that bad actually..
Guess what comes into my closet with leapord prints?

bag? shawl?


hmm..night tees?

or mayb a baby room with a collection of leopard prints?

Of course not the last one!

its a pair of slipper wf leapord print...
*i wear it at home, obviously*

AND ....

us *flats* !
from the top left: ab, steff and me (with the bow)
More coming soon to my closet i guess ? *winks*
Lastly, my new toy!
*from R @ new zealand*


currently listen to
Stranded by Jennifer Paige

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my luxurious stuffs~

I spend an hour on this website..
finding bits & pieces of my stuffs
and attach them together..

Nevertheless, it doesn't has everything that i want..
thou its still has a wide-range of fashion trends & styles to choose..
try it.. mbe you'll lov it ^^
or perhaps i can do my wishlist here =p


winter essentials..

winter coming soon..
this is another excuse for me to shop
*for sure* >.^

I bought two pairs of boots ytd..
an ankle one.
a fury one.

Bought two sweaters few days ago..

All i need now is a "bubble" jacket..
*to keep me warm*
finger-cross.. this is last!
*as if.. hehe*
cause i already spend half of my pocket money for MAY! >.<
Got a belated gift far from new zealand..
*actually is nt that far* =p

It's from kimmyyy (my bff since primary 1)
Karen Walker earrings..
*owhh...i knw..she is just so sweet!*
love her!

speaking of which..i got two of my assignment done.

Left one more then i am FREE...
to study for my coming exam!!!

Good luck people =)))
best wishes,