Friday, May 28, 2010

Mas-mas masquerade partyyy

this masquerade party was invited by Kelly =)
its actually an exchange student event that organised by Unisa.

me with the purple fur-ly mask
my new-bought "T by Bettina Liano" shinning turquoise dress =)

Kimberly with her sister, Amanda~
purple jewel mask vs black jewel mask

abby with her white-silver-ly mask
the dress of mom that had been alternated by her

Kelly with her silver-ly mask which attached by flower and a black long fur
and oh-champagne color dress

Kelly with corey's silver mask

Amanda a.k.a Kimberly's sis with her black jewel mask
floral dress on-the-go ^^

Jia Ming and me with our mask off ;p

Coreyyyyyy with his notty behaviour as usual!
me with Kelly's mask on =)

but he did haf some serious moment =)


Lastly, US on the dancefloor

Kimberly met a weirdo who scared her sister all night


After the party, we went to Green-Label for Karoke session

after two-hour sing-k session,

its our time home!!

had a great night with these guys before stressful exam..

let's get on track everybody!

love all!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Girls Generation (SNSD)

Caribbean Bay
by 2pm & SNSD

Chocolate Love by SNSD

by Super Junior & SNSD

Sunday, May 23, 2010

nautical style in autumn!

that's pretty weird, cause nautical style always happened in summer.
and yet i'm just starting to get them in late autumn,
another reasons also due to the reduced price they're havin..

one of my buy today =))

Bardot's Nautical Contrast dress
i'm actually prefer the one with blue stripes,
but R likes this and i choose this ;p

Friday, May 21, 2010

new buy!

oh yea, i bought 4 novels yesterday..
and finish one of the them todayyy!!
definately loving these romantic novels
as i always fall into 'em

BUT i still know where's the reality stands for =)

and they were in a bargain~
awwwwrgh... *excited me*
anyway, i should start control myself..
since i always addicted into something out of sudden
and can't get 'em out of my daily life for those time
for example, i got into anime last month
& can't stop watchin it! oucchhh! =(((

By the way, haf i ever mentioned that I love ATB's songs?
it's actually kinda different from what people usually choose to listen
so i think not really lots of people around me know abt it

off to bed!
Love =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

the dress

I know every posts that i posted are almost out of date..

It always come into my mind to post it after few months later.
And this happened on January 2010, i bought this dress during summer.

The reason that i bought this dress because it inspired me from the Gossip Girl Season II where Blair wore it during the white party event..

Love it although it is not exact the Marc Jacob white dress that Blair wore in the series. It is similar and it's from FOREVER NEW *my fave shop in oz*

we just can't stop ourselves from loving these dresses, aren't we?
or maybe just me ;p


now, i am a black hair girl =)
how's everyone?
love ya!