Sunday, October 25, 2009

babyboy's twenty second ;)

I don't know what's the problem with the picture upload.
It took me forever to upload those photos as it never success uploaded everytime!
And i've been waiting for hours for these 5 photos,
whereas the video is already ready to be view

so this blog entry is goin to be edit tommorrow, *only if i rmb*
and yes, I do rmb =))) *edited*

Anywhere, back to the topic.

Its R's birthday!! We had steamboat @ our place *again* =)))

SK's Professional camera
The little birthday boy ^^
with Blueberry Cheesecake from David Jones

and the little girlfriend is serving the cake =)

Group pictures~

R forced me to tell the cold jokes in order to made he took out those candles with his mouth,
and its turned out a very cold situation *no one has response*

Present of the day ^^

Aero model from R's friends
Emporio Armani Underwear from 3 little girls
Ray-Ban sunglassess from ME!

After the steamboat, its Gladys's party !
went to Green Label for karaoke session

from the left: me, vanessa and miaSweet MiaThe girls

home @ 3 am.


I still out of the exam preparation mood.
and i knw its comin soon *very soon*
Ooh dear, how am i goin to handle this time! =(((

It's better be good~~~
*i wish*


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

quick and brief!

as the title shows above,
this post is going to be very short and brief w some photos..
dinner with hsemates when M's boyfriend paid a visit to Adelaide =))))

went to Mamak Night which organised by OXYGEN
with hsemates too !

took some pictures with K after the Mamak Night =)
at our apartment (obviously) ^^

Early of october
Iona's birthday dinner at Red Rock, Rundle Street

will be back very soon! =))))