Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas :)

Location: Frome Street, Rundle Mall Adelaide
Date: 21st December 2010
Modeling: Abby and Me
Photographer: Tian Leong


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

red & white christmas.

these are the pre-xmas photos :)
red & white x'mas
brings you
joy & peace!
we love you, gorgeous!
by the sisters,
Lavonne and Abby

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

eka is leaving!

went to airport for sending eka..
he is goin back to his lovely place, thailand.
He is one of R's friends in Adelaide.
A friendly, very nice and outgoing guy.

Worth to mention here, he is our "guidance" in Adelaide.
Firstly, his friends are everywhere in Adelaide!
Secondly, he knows all the new places and restaurants to visit!
And even their trading hours too ><" That's why we gave him a new nickname, "EKA DIRECTORY"
Good luck and all the best for you, eka!
See you in Thailand some time in future =)

The boys!



Love you! xoxo.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I love my life!

Dear Diary,

I appreciate everything around me now...

Think family, think health, think love!

Think money, think friends, think life!

Be the grateful person,

because my life can't go any better than these.

Love, xoxo.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I once hate walking alone in the street,
I once hate shopping alone in the mall,
I once hate going somewhere by myself,
I once hate doing something that I have to do all by myself,
I once hate having lunch outside with no companion.

But now,
I enjoy the time I spend for myself,
I enjoy the feeling of doing all these things by myself w.out anyone,
I enjoy the joy of shopping alone in the mall,
I enjoy the weather and feeling surrounding me when I walk in the street alone,
I enjoy the quietness when I am going somewhere else by any transports.

I realised that,
sometimes, alone is not a bad thing after all,
it's just a little space to give yourself a break, a little of "freedom" that you needs in your day.

Love, xoxo.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

when adeline is here

picture tells all the story.

Yes, we were in Lavish clubbing on Saturday night.

good girls go wild!

This is taken before the party.
Dinner @ Yakitori Restaurant, Melbourne Street.

we are mommy's lovely daughters.

Miss my lil bro and sis back home!


enjoy your hols, people!

here come my graduation =)



Online Shopping

as I am used to b kind of the person who don't really do online shopping(not a big fan of it too) because:
1. i will get addicted for sure.
2. hardly to tell if the product is good in condition or the same quality that haf been describe in the web.
3. heard alot of cheated cases thru online payment etc.
4. not sure whether it really suit me or not ( not matter in clothing or skincare products)
5. and others.

So, these become all of the reasons that i choose not to do online shopping.
And three weeks ago, one of my friend asked whether i want to get some stuffs from SASA or not. As you all girls must know that SASA is one of the cosmetic retailing in Asia. It sells a large range of variety brands of skincare, fragrance, haircare and make-up products.

Therefore, I decided to give it a try. I choose 4 items below:

liese elegant wave-up foam
I know this from where she promote them in one of her videos.
Since i need something to set up my curls, i choose this =)
I used it today, it smells so nice and it really did a very natural curls for me ;)
NOYL hair pins, im lack of hair pins now. All gone without any reasons =(
so i decided to get this since its only cost ard aud 1.50.
And its turn out really nice to use. It can pin well that other hair pins since the design of the hair pins kind of different what i usually got back in m'sia. Love!
And this curler, i get this also because my previous eyelash curler ( abt 5 yrs old) is getting old.
So I got this! Its from KOJI =)
It curl my eyelashes very well since it is long enough to help me curl my eyelashes in once!
I need to curl twice using my previous curler =p
Lastly, due to the lovely WINTER, my face is damn dry now.
And my moisturizing cream almost finish.
I decided to try this Japan brand since a lot of people giving a good comment of this product.
I tried yesterday, and my face feel refresh! Love it too =)
Its from Aquamoist, JUJU Cosmetics.

Overall, I am quite sastified with all these items.
And i definately will haf second time of buying thgs from SASA thru online.
Although it might b over-priced a little (i guess) but their products is good (so far)
so what are you waiting for? click into this website and browse it!
By the way, do you realise all these items that i bot are from JAPAN?
and did I mention they are really good to use too? hehe...
oops ;p

Thursday, August 12, 2010


There is a day, i have a very big fight with you.
I got really really mad and have no intention to forgive you at all.
Due to what happen that drive me so mad, I really can't remember.

You follow me all the way while I get into my mom's car.
You called, I refused to pick it up.
You came to my house, I locked the door and don't let you in.
You called your best friend for help, but I ignored your friend.

When it's nearly come to the end which I am thinking of,
the ring tone of my mobile had frighten me.

You called...

and said: "Dear, I am awake. Good Morning."

then i realised, i'm actually in a dream.
I thought our relationship almost till the end of the story but you help me conclude the story eventually.
( that we're still in love:) *blush* )

Sometimes, a good morning or a good night kiss just can be so important in your daily life.
Because these are able to show actually you're loved by someone else.
But can we all have mention these?
I guess not...

xoxo, my love!

Friday, August 6, 2010

marc by marc jacobs tote

yay! love this! (:
and i got it!
she is in silver with wording on it,
it not really clear compare with other color.

me of the day (:
random picture of the day, my hello kitty warm blanket~

have a nice weekend people!
love you~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zapata's Mexican Restaurant

went there with R, R's best friend, ah fai and his girl, Jessie (:
my very first time to try mexican restaurant.

the wine list

the fork and knife (nothing special thou)

Botanas (appetizers)
Chili Con Queso dips served with tortilla chips

Comidas (Main Meals)
1. Tostada
Giant crisp flour burrito layered with rice,
shredded lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour
cream and salsa. Served with frijoles and chicken.

2. Chili Colorado
A typically Mexican dish of hearty beef chunks in
a spicy sauce of red chilli served with rich,
frijoles and fresh garden salad.

3.Pescado Veracruz
Succulent pieces of fish sauteed with onion,
capsicum, olives, roasted tomatoes, capers and
garlic , served with rice and fresh garden salad .

I just received a mail from CPA,
I have been recognised as their Associate Membership and granted a certificate.
I am so happy although R asked why so happy about it since its only a cert.
but i just can't stop smiling...

love you all.
*especially people who support me all the way till then


Monday, July 19, 2010

You Are Loved

Love the quote: To the World you are one person, but to one person you are the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

melbourne once again

I went to melbourne this year..
Melbourne again? yes, Again! =)

it was my fourth time ever since i leave melbourne to adelaide for my degree..
and this four times also the only trip i travelled durin my holidays~
you may ask, why always melbourne, right?
I also haf no ideas! Should haf choose sydney this time =(((

anyhow, i did enjoy the trip..
Let's say this is the last time of choosing melbourne as my travel destination for the next few trips! hehe~~

the second day when we've arrive to melbourne, my boy still carry his paper work to do his project research..
such a hardworking boy-o-boy! =D

was at melbourne central waiting for train to CHADSTONE SHOPPING MALL (a.ka the fashion capital)

Breakfast with Su at Issus cafe bar.. it's definately a heavy breakfast for me!
and suprisingly, i almost finish 3/4 by myself! *proud* =)

Su's vege breakfast

Ruik's big breakfast~

my omelet brekkie (just love the eggs)

issus cafe bar @ fliders lane

tram stop that we always have to take from our hotel to city (=

Dinner @ Greco, Crown Casino one night.

my chicken and mushroom rissotto~
i think its too watery and not creamy enough for this.
*kinda disappointed*

R's lamb cutlets, it's nice!
*thumbs up*

Bubble tea @ Tian Ren, Swanston Street

Ruik's hot taro milk tea in pot
this is cute, especially for us as the first time

Su and me
realised i've taken more photos with su rather than ruik in this trip ;p

Lunch @ Oriental Spoon, Korean Restaurant, La Trobe Street.

Kimchi pork belly hotpot

Bulgogi on sizzling plate

Fish Roe bimbibap
*ruik's most favourite dish in this trip*

we were waiting tram to Docklands @ Brouke Street.

Now only i knw, GPO stands for General Post Office.

somewhere near parliament house,
were waiting tram to Richmond.
Minnie j brought us to try her fav vientamese roll,
it's TASTY!!!
Other than that, we also learnt how people can b so irresponsible sometimes.
*by selling expired products with their acknowledgement*

Best Picture of the trip.
*i reckon*

Lunch with group of kk's mates!
@ Singapore Chom Chom, Brouke Street.

Meeting up for ice-cream with my old classmates
@ Gelatissimo, Lygon Street.
Jo, Mini , Jason and me!
Senior 3 Yi ^^

xoxo buddy!