Saturday, November 15, 2008

O randomness

finally, stressful yet touhgful exam over..
this doesn't mean i have a break free holidays thou..
cause i hav 5 days out of 7 days to work for this coming two weeks ><"
*just assume that im lacking of cash to shop right now* winks ^.<
Despite that i hav no work during other day, i still hav tons of magazines to read.. im buying magazines since when, and all of them is mr.Ruik bot for me one!
which i beg for him for doing this to me *giggles*
I have heaps of drama series & movie which have downloaded for months to watch too!

And! I have a Pink PS2 to play.. *ohya! i got this during my study week*
random rite? *i know*
im not thinking to get a pink one initially, but we shopped all the games shops...
only the pink one is more worth to get since it comes with another controller and memory card..
so, i decided to get the PINK ones ^^

When i got home, starting to play, i just found out that im silently collecting SONY pink stuffs..
I got my PINK SONY CAMERA, T-10 for my 20th birthday~
I got my PINK PSP, slim & lite for my 21st birthday~
I got my PINK sony VIAO laptop, CR35G for my successful begging from my mom~
and now I got PINK PS2 for my oh-so-randomness during my study week~

That's why you know i need cash so much right now~

For the following blog, its all my random pictures since last month..
for the reason that i didn't update my blog for so long *oh maybe not that long*
gonna stop here and let the pictures tell you everything~

I look pale here i reckon

During ruik's birthday~ waiting our yummiii lunch!

Having brunch @ COFFEE CLUB
prices there have raise a lots ><"

ignore this =p

part of the uni that i study atm..
afta shopping with sisters
*notes the plastic bag that i carried, in there consists many small shopping bags*
That's what shopping freak did in few hours! =p

Dinner @ ALMAFI during HALLOWEEN night with mr.Ruik!

Before going out for lunch~ i forced ruik to took this ^^

~~During exam~~

Due to my boredom of studied tons of chaptersSss, i took these for no reasons