Saturday, September 18, 2010

when adeline is here

picture tells all the story.

Yes, we were in Lavish clubbing on Saturday night.

good girls go wild!

This is taken before the party.
Dinner @ Yakitori Restaurant, Melbourne Street.

we are mommy's lovely daughters.

Miss my lil bro and sis back home!


enjoy your hols, people!

here come my graduation =)



Online Shopping

as I am used to b kind of the person who don't really do online shopping(not a big fan of it too) because:
1. i will get addicted for sure.
2. hardly to tell if the product is good in condition or the same quality that haf been describe in the web.
3. heard alot of cheated cases thru online payment etc.
4. not sure whether it really suit me or not ( not matter in clothing or skincare products)
5. and others.

So, these become all of the reasons that i choose not to do online shopping.
And three weeks ago, one of my friend asked whether i want to get some stuffs from SASA or not. As you all girls must know that SASA is one of the cosmetic retailing in Asia. It sells a large range of variety brands of skincare, fragrance, haircare and make-up products.

Therefore, I decided to give it a try. I choose 4 items below:

liese elegant wave-up foam
I know this from where she promote them in one of her videos.
Since i need something to set up my curls, i choose this =)
I used it today, it smells so nice and it really did a very natural curls for me ;)
NOYL hair pins, im lack of hair pins now. All gone without any reasons =(
so i decided to get this since its only cost ard aud 1.50.
And its turn out really nice to use. It can pin well that other hair pins since the design of the hair pins kind of different what i usually got back in m'sia. Love!
And this curler, i get this also because my previous eyelash curler ( abt 5 yrs old) is getting old.
So I got this! Its from KOJI =)
It curl my eyelashes very well since it is long enough to help me curl my eyelashes in once!
I need to curl twice using my previous curler =p
Lastly, due to the lovely WINTER, my face is damn dry now.
And my moisturizing cream almost finish.
I decided to try this Japan brand since a lot of people giving a good comment of this product.
I tried yesterday, and my face feel refresh! Love it too =)
Its from Aquamoist, JUJU Cosmetics.

Overall, I am quite sastified with all these items.
And i definately will haf second time of buying thgs from SASA thru online.
Although it might b over-priced a little (i guess) but their products is good (so far)
so what are you waiting for? click into this website and browse it!
By the way, do you realise all these items that i bot are from JAPAN?
and did I mention they are really good to use too? hehe...
oops ;p