Friday, September 26, 2008

First Anniversary

Been together for a year..
ouuww...its already a year..
time pass quick and we don't even realise its already a year...
i've been thking how long is "a" year..
but now..its only a click of your finger then 1 year is over..
anywer..we celebrated earlier as there is other program for the right day..
thou we still enjoyed our day..aren't we?

Morning we don't forget to take some pictures for dressing up ^^

After paying the freaking expensive + long time ago eletricity bills,
we went to china town for our lunch..
cause i decided to have our dinner at home with sisters,
so we decided to had good foods for lunch..
and finally we choose HOTARU, a japanese restaurant that we nvr try before.
He ordered a SHISHAMO which is the first time i tried..its really yummm~~
we wil go back for this again for sure ^^

His innocent face..

After lunch, we shop around rundle mall to get our anniversary present.
and eventually i chosen MONOPOLY TROPICAL TYCOON..
how special hey?? =p

how happy he is when he is hugging the MONOPOLY


Our dinner is greek-style roasted lamb leg
Before put it into oven its look like this..

An hour later...
looks delicious?? ^^

Lastly, we serve ourselves white wine from mami..
she bought it ever since she is here during april =p

And here is our day..
a memorable day..
hope we still lotsa anniversary to go...
I heart you~

Friday, September 5, 2008

my voice is gone~

peak peak peak on yiing's birthday celebration!

choc mint frappucino @ elephant walk

Groupie photos

Ab's sticky date pudding... its nice ^^
And i think she looks so good in this picture...
but she didnt use for her facebook profile picture ><" I would prefer this one more than the one she using now! ha! evil sis ^^

stef, ab and I
some of them think we are alike..*the nose part*
some of them think we are not.. ><"

Yiing & da cake v bot for her...
that nite,
the restaurant manager not allowed us to put candles on because the fire detector is sensitive since their is ceiling too low... *oOpsie..forget to claim that the restaurant is at basement*
so in turn, they gave us a sparkling candle for yiing..
that's even better than the candles we bot for aud 2.50 in the 24/7 store last minutes

Dim sum @ citizen
super lotsa people..can't thought of aussie here still can see someone has the habit of
its used to be my family habit ^^

i got fever on monday...
sore throat on the next day...
work on wednesday...
fever gone but voice too! voice is gone...
what happen and whats wrong..
better ask me after my voice fully recover..
hopefully by this comin sunday..cs i got shift that day ><"

p.s: how could i place my photos first hey? shudnt be yiing 1st?
don't care pretty sure yiing will nvr mind of this small matter ^^